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Our co-workers are comprised of family and friends of the family. Their employees are primarily attracted to them by constantly recurring newspaper and online ads, which often give a false implication of large paychecks.
The form of advertising we choose to use is word-of-mouth and referrals. We have found that there is less "gray area" regarding background and character. The other advantage is that everyone has an immediate vested interest in being successful at caring for our customers. Their Philosophy: "...get done quick and get to the next stop because we sold price and we have to maintain our margin by doing as much volume in as little time as possible."
Our philosophy towards our co-workers is: Love one another, be humble, and serve. The Drawbacks: Employees, which are under constant time pressure, begin to burn out at "red-line." In their attempts to alleviate their stress, the cleaning staff explores other business ventures in the classifieds, while the latest group of recruits step through the revolving door into the Twilight Zone.
The Benefits: Everyone is encouraged, empowered, and equipped to take the time necessary to satisfy the customer completely. All of our co-workers understand that they are directly responsible for the customer's care, requirements, and satisfaction. An atmosphere of "direct connection" between all co-workers and their customers is fostered and encouraged. In this environment, each co-worker has the power to infuse their efforts with their own personal creativity, ideas, decisions, and pride! The Drawbacks: The supervisors struggle in a romper-room framework of "human resources" nightmare! The customers are left complaining about the quality, integrity, and reliability of their cleaning service.

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