Heartland IV Care Pharmacy has contracted with Musser’s Family Cleaning over the past 9 years for all of our cleaning needs.

Stringent requirements in the medical field mandate that our cleaning meet specific guidelines. John Musser and his staff have always taken the time to understand and to go over and beyond to make sure we meet these requirements.

Confidential, professional, and dedicated are just a few words I would use to describe John and his staff. He can always be counted on for a few words of encouragement or a friendly smile.

As our business continues to reach new heights, we look forward to having John and his team here to provide the highest quality services that we have been accustomed to.

– Donald Lobb RN, CRNI, MHA
Director of Nursing
Heartland IV Care

“Musser’s service and staff have been outstanding. They have never missed a scheduled cleaning day, they go above and beyond what is contracted for, they have the ability to do extra projects such as window cleaning, tile floor stripping and waxing, carpet cleaning, etc., and consistently check to see if everything is going okay.

Musser’s staff is pleasant and considerate of employees working while they are cleaning and always let us know when we are low on supplies.

We look forward to working with Musser’s for a very long time and would highly recommend their services!”

– P.P., Northville, Michigan

“Terrazzo & Marble Supply Company has used Musser’s Family Cleaning Service for many years.  We have been extremely happy with their services.  John & Diane Musser are great people and have always gone above and beyond to make us happy.  I would highly recommend them for any cleaning service you may require.”

– Donna Lyons
Facility Manager
Terrazzo & Marble Supply Companies

“Musser’s does a good job for us! We operate out of a church, and they clean the entire church. They will address any issues we have right away, however, we rarely have any problems.

– Beth Colton
Mother Hubbard Preschool

Musser’s have cleaned our church for several years and never fail to do an excellent job. We can count on their promptness each week when expected. They are courteous and quick to respond to any special needs. ‘Family Cleaning’ isn’t only their name; it is their mission. They treat their clients like family.

– Fr. Jim Hamilton
Trinity Episcopal Church

They are fabulous, absolutely fabulous! We have used them for 6 years, twice per week. Our experience has been spectacular. The lady assigned to our office, Lucy, is a peach!

– Jim Smoltz

We’ve had them for a long time, they do an excellent job, they are really nice. They do our windows and always do a really good job.

– Chris Dorion
Gil-Mar Manufacturing

They do a good job, we never have any trouble with items missing like you hear can happen. The only minor issue I have is that they mix business and religion. If I were running the business, I would drop the evangelizing, because it can turn off some people. On the positive side, you know they are honest because of their strong religious views.

– Bob Carrigan

We have had a fabulous experience with them. They do our floors quarterly and we noticed a night and day difference when we started using them. Since we are an animal clinic, odor is our biggest problem. Musser’s do something differently and we noticed a huge improvement right away when we switched to them. They are professional, good at the tasks, on top of things, they return calls promptly, their billing is understandable and efficient. I would highly recommend them.

– Cassandra VanArnen
Animal Emergency Clinic

Hi Diane and John,

I just wanted to tell you how pleased we are with the job at the Sunbury house.  It was exceptional!  I really appreciate you adding on things as I thought of them….the sunroom looked better than I thought it ever could.

Thanks for the call, John, about the dumpster…above and beyond!

Diane Quick

We have been using them for a couple of years. They do a really nice job, they are quick to respond.

– Michael Cushieri
Minnesota Tile

They are great! We are always very happy!

– Garry Lloyd
Loyalty Insurance

Everyone here is so satisfied with the service. We even had executives from Atlanta in town a week or so ago and they were all commenting on how clean the restrooms were. Even stating they wish their restrooms at their corporate offices were as clean. One went so far as to check the cleanliness of the baseboard and was like, “They were clean!”

I have managed many cleaning services over my years in facilities management and I have to say, you guys are top notch!

– Christine B., Livonia, MI

Excellent work! This is the first time in 30 years of business that I can honestly say our office looks great… ALWAYS!

Thank you for paying such close attention to detail!! I love coming into the office on Monday morning and seeing how clean and fresh it looks!

– Shari

Rose continues to do a great job for us. Besides doing a thorough job cleaning, she lets us know of any problems in the building. We appreciate Rose!

– Shelly, St. Timothy Presbyterian Church

You continue to do such a thorough job in such a loving way – caring for our church as if it were yours. Thank you for also calling to let me know when you have discovered other things that need repair. I so appreciate that you think ahead and plan around holidays, etc. God bless you.

– Louise, St. Timothy Church

We appreciate the consistancy of quality work thorugh dedicated individuals. Musser’s employees are cheerful in conversation and strive to provide a quality service. Questions and concerns are communicated in a timely manner, contributing to a valuable relationship. We cherish the support provided transferring services during our move, relieving much of the stress associated with relocating. We look forward to continued unsurpassed service from Musser’s Family Cleaning. Thank you!

– Corey, Plasan Carbon Composites

Musser’s Family Cleaning is the most cooperative and helpful cleaning service I have worked with. Supply levels are maintained and the housekeeping storage area is always clean and orderly. The premises are cleaned like new and cleaning personnel (John, Diane) always give deference to our customers and employees whenever areas of activity coincide. John is always eager to advise/suggest solutions for maintaining the facility’s cleanliness and appearance whenever asked concerning issues and when he has an observation to offer. A big thanks to Musser’s Family Cleaning!

– Thomas, Idemia

Excellent Service, polite, thorough, professional, and competent.

– Karen, Livonia Housing Commission

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