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Chemicals: We use at least 8 different chemicals at each location, each one specifically designed to perform an exacting part of our intricate cleaning process. Chemicals: Often one or two multipurpose cleaners are used for all functions - usually heavily diluted.
Benefits: Germs are destroyed, dirt is eradicated, and facilities are as clean as they look and smell! Drawbacks: Inferior end results, not disinfected, staff lacks training and expertise. It may smell clean, but the germs are still there!
Equipment: Each customer location is supplied with its own Oreck RH 2000 upright(s). These units are light weight, powerful, and effective on all floor surfaces (carpeted or non-carpeted). Equipped with disposable, micro-lined vacuum bags, they are all repaired and maintained by Musser's personally. Equipment: Inefficient, heavy machines in varying levels of repair. Often one unit will be used in several different buildings nightly, which could lead to cross contamination of allergens and parasites; or the transfer of industrial by-products.
Benefits: Down time for vacuuming is almost 99.9% eliminated. Also, there is less operator fatigue! Our policies help protect against cross contamination that can cause allergic reactions and pest infestations as well as eliminate the transfer of industrial by-products that can discolor floors. Drawbacks: If the unit is not functioning properly or fails outrightly, there may be customers who will experience a lapse in service on that occasion. Also, employees will stress from lack of reliable, easy-to-operate machines. Cross contamination can cause allergic reactions and pest infestations. Transfer of industrial by-products can discolor floors.
Benefits: We are growing and learning together, from our customers and each other. Our personal level of job fulfillment is rising with our customer's increasing satisfaction with our work! Processes: With high employee turnover and low customer retention, there is very limited chance that people will get to know each other and their requirements well enough for any substantial duration. The odds for any possibility of a consistent formula for cleaning are very poor...a roll of the dice!

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