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"The proof is in the pudding."

Please contact our customers for an appraisal of our service.

The spirit of our philosophy for success can be summarized as follows:

Love On Another: this means placing people first, treating them the way you always wanted to be treated by past employers or vendors, and maybe never were!

Be Humble: listen, stay in that learning curve on how to give more people what they really want and need. Assume the best about others, treat them with kindness and dignity – we are all equal in God’s eyes!

Serve: see the opportunity in each person to encourage them, help bring out their own personal best and ever increasing sense of self worth. We have a passion for cleaning because we understand how important it is to the people in our lives, especially our customers and co-workers. We understand that how well we clean, and how well we treat one another, are critical and inseparable ingredients in the happiness and well-being of God’s most precious gifts – the people in our lives!
Many of our competitors are nationwide franchises and publicly traded companies. As such, their main impetus is to gain market share (i.e. selling price) and increase profits (i.e. paying flat rates to hold their margins, skimping on equipment and materials, etc.)

A company primarily driven by concern for market share and profit margins, by its very nature, is often forced into a business model that is unsympathetic to or incapable of providing great service to its customers.

Their business model is approximately as follows:

A commissioned sales person with three piece suit brings color brochure touting corporate successes, promises the moon, sells price by quoting bare-bone square footage formula, closes deal with barbed-hook contract, and becomes more or less unavailable to the customer after the sale because the “account” has been handed over to the “operations department”, or the contract has been sold to the local franchise.

The customer is left to fend for themselves, adrift in the wreckage of a flawed business design!
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