Our Story

In 1987, Diane & I (John) were invited to England to attend Kathy’s wedding, Diane’s pen pal of 18 years. To get extra money for plane-fare, etc., we answered an ad in the paper:

“Wanted: Evening cleaning help”

In a nutshell, the company we went to work for was unethical and poorly managed. After this short, eye-opening stint, in 1988, my day job employer agreed to allow me to do the cleaning of their office at night after I pointed out that the same stain had been in the toilet for literally two weeks and counting. In 1989, we formed our company, diligently serving the metro Detroit area community to this day as The Musser’s Family Cleaning Service, Inc., a name chosen to reflect our pride of workmanship, strong work ethic, and solid family values.

Both Diane & I come from family backgrounds that made our involvement in the cleaning industry a natural progression into work with which we were already very familiar and proficient. In Diane’s case, anyone who knew her mother (Pat Pipper, now deceased) and had been to her home growing up, knew that the floors were so clean, everyone would smile and acknowledge that you could eat off of them! Diane’s mother was a consummate organizer and a meticulous house-keeper, and Diane learned from her mom first hand at a very early age.

In my case, it was primarily my Father’s influence that prepared me for my future profession. A proud U.S. Army veteran (1956-1960) and a first-generation American from Austrian immigrant parents, the attitude was “be prepared for inspection…spit-shined, organized, and well maintained!” In both our families, the values of working hard and following through with excellence have proven to be a great benefit to our professional goals of providing cleaning and customer service of the highest quality!

Also, both Diane and I have given our hearts to Jesus. Consequently, we have found that having a heart after the Lord has deepened our understanding of just how important it really is that we do what we say we will do, that we clean with excellence, and that we treat one another, our customers and our co-workers, with the same kindness and great care that our God gives to us.

On the job, we know that our responsibility is ultimately to the people who own and occupy the offices, churches, and homes that we clean. This understanding is one of the biggest factors that drives our passion for excellence. Similarly, it is a thrill for us to know that our customers are very happy with our service — they can plainly see the care and attention to detail that is being given to the cleaning and maintenance of their property; and, they feel very at-ease because we have earned their trust!

These traditions and values further permeate our company culture in the form of our intra-corporate motto, “love one another: humbly serve” — borne out by Diane and I as we endeavor to lead while serving all, and printed on the stub of every paycheck.

In turn, another gauge of our success is measured by the job satisfaction of our co-workers. Along this line, we have recently hit several milestones, including 3 employees who recently celebrated 17-year, 19-year, and 22-year employment anniversaries! With high employee retention like this, we believe we are succeeding in our mission of creating and constantly supporting a positive, goal/reward oriented work environment!

These long-term, successful relationships ultimately benefit our customers who consistently receive reliable, high-quality cleaning. High employee retention — essential to make possible an ever-increasing knowledge and expertise in satisfying the individual cleaning requirements of each client — builds high customer retention. Accordingly, we have the honor of serving several current customers who have been ordering regular weekly or twice-per-week service intervals for 20, and in another case, 30 consecutive years!

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